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How to Attract the Right Buyers to Your Home Sale This Summer

Marcus “Kiwi” Gualter

Hello I’m “Kiwis. Real name Marcus Gualter, Kiwi because that’s what New Zealanders are called...

Hello I’m “Kiwis. Real name Marcus Gualter, Kiwi because that’s what New Zealanders are called...

Jul 8 5 minutes read

Summer is peak home selling season, but in 2024 the real estate landscape looks quite different than just a few years ago. With AI home valuations and virtual reality tours now the norm, sellers need to get creative to make their listing stand out. Here are some cutting-edge tips combined with tried-and-true methods to attract the right buyers to your home sale this summer.

Leverage AI for Targeted Marketing

Long gone are the days of blasting the same generic listing to everyone. In 2024, savvy sellers are using artificial intelligence to analyze buyer data and preferences to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns. By understanding exactly what different buyer segments are looking for, you can tailor your listing descriptions, photos, video tours and more to appeal directly to their desires. For example, AI can identify buyers interested in smart home tech, and you can highlight your home's integrated virtual assistant, smart appliances and automated systems. For eco-conscious buyers, emphasize your solar roof, greywater recycling and other green features. This level of precision marketing ensures your listing resonates with the right audiences.

Offer Immersive Virtual Experiences

Photos and in-person showings are so 2010s. Today's buyers expect a rich, immersive experience that allows them to virtually step inside a home from the comfort of their living room. Interactive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tours have become essential marketing tools. A high-quality VR tour lets prospective buyers explore your property in 360-degree video, peeking into every nook and cranny as if they were there in person. AR takes it a step further by integrating virtual elements into the real-world view, allowing buyers to experiment with different furniture arrangements, color schemes and decor styles before making an offer. These virtual experiences create an emotional connection with your home that static photos simply can't match. And they're convenient for out-of-town buyers who want an in-depth look before hopping on a plane.

Enhance Curb Appeal and Stage Your Home

While modern technology grabs attention, traditional curb appeal and home staging are still crucial for selling success. Ensure your home's exterior looks impeccable by tending to the lawn, landscaping, and repainting or updating any worn areas like the front door, mailbox, or house numbers. Inside, depersonalize and declutter each room to help buyers envision themselves living there. Remove excess furniture, personal photos, knick-knacks, and any clutter. Then, strategically stage the home to highlight its best features and create an inviting atmosphere. Arrange furniture to define spaces and establish a natural flow. Add pops of color through decorative elements like throw pillows, fresh flowers, and artwork. Ensure each room has a clear purpose that aligns with how buyers will likely want to use the space.

Make Practical Updates and Repairs

In addition to staging, take the time to make any practical updates and repairs that can increase your home's appeal. Replace outdated light fixtures, faucets, hardware, and window treatments with modern options. Fix any lingering issues like leaky faucets, squeaky doors, or cracked tiles. Consider having the home professionally deep cleaned as well, including carpets, windows, surfaces and more. These small touches show buyers that your home is well-cared for.

Promote Effectively and Be Flexible

Work closely with your real estate agent to create compelling listing descriptions and professional-quality photos and videos that showcase your home's best assets. Promote the listing through multiple channels like the MLS, real estate sites, social media, and your personal networks. Be flexible in accommodating showing requests to allow as many prospective buyers to view the home as possible.

With a strategic approach that combines cutting-edge technology like AI personalization and immersive virtual tours with traditional prep work like curb appeal, staging, updates and effective promotion, you'll be well-positioned to attract the right buyers for a successful home sale this summer.

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